My birthday is over by 2 weeks. I love that I’m 20 now! Hell yeah to the big 2.
So this is us at the USS (Universal Studios Singapore) last week. We spent about 9 hours taking a tons of pictures and playing almost all the rides. The first time I went to the USS was when it was newly built and opened. There wasn’t much amazing rides back then compared to now. (oh wait, THANKS MOM FOR THOSE TICKETS!)
To breakdown some of the amazing (scariest shit) rides are the human and cyclone. Nothing else was more frightening than that. I mean the cyclone (blue roller coaster) goes upside down 5 times where I felt I was going to fall down from my seat and that 90 seconds felt like eternity. I died basically. The human one (red roller coaster) wasn’t much scary until it plunges right down where I don’t feel any gravity. I died again.
My Favourite was the transformers ride. I might be bias on this one. I mean cmon Optimus prime and bumble bee are the cutest thing ever. Okay the ride was so fun like I felt I was in a movie. Damn. (Optimus Prime is such a bae)
Oh plus they do sell freakin amazing Soft serve ice cream at 2.50 bucks which was freaking tasty. I wanted to have one more again but my mood was bad as hell when i was about to head home so there was no chance to get another one. (i miss you soft serve icecream)
I love the photos that we have taken at the USS. Not much of mascots this time round but might be because I’m queueing for all the rides. Such a fun Sunday.  Xo


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