Its more appropriate for me to write my story down before i start anything else. Oh damn, I’m already in love with my blog now.

I was born on the 23rd of may 1996. (Yes its a week since i turn 20). I was the second child to my family at the point of time. I had an elder, evil and michevious sister ahead of me. After 4 years, I had a little brother who born on the exact same date as me. (I didn’t get to cut my birthday cake that year because i went to the hospital as soon as my mom call to say she was going to deliver)

So yes, we basically shared the same birthday. And for some weird reasons my brother get to blow the birthday cake right before me for about good 10-14 years. When i was young, i was much closer to my dad compared to my mom. I was so scared of her all the time. It was scary how i have to approach her at times. Though i wasn’t very close to my mom at the point of time, I admired how she did everything for me. From handing work to preparing me to school to sending me to school to finishing up the homework and getting me to bed. It was a lot of work! I’m not going to say that my dad did nothing. My dad was the one who took good care of us when we were baby to toddlers. He washed us, feed us, cleaned us, clean the house and everything. My dad is goals.

So i was a sucker at school from primary school to half way in secondary school. When i was 15 years old, i magically turned into a studious person. Yes, for real. I studied well enough that my teachers were talking proudly to my parents. My mom encouraged me silently. She didn’t nag about the N levels that were coming in the next following year. I wanted to go to O’s very badly and studied my ass off and passed my N’s. My mom and dad was so so so happy for me. When i studied for O’levels it was a huge jump. My teachers were not very encouraging. But i was determined to pass and get into a course in poly no matter how many times i failed in school exams. I stayed in school till late evening and would come home to study till 2AM and sleep for another 2 hrs before i could wake up at 4AM to study. I was exhausted but all i knew was to pass my o’levels. That was what i ever wanted.

So hell yeah, i did pass and moved on to poly. I got into events management and got my first ever laptop. I begged my mom to get me the Macbook pro and she got me. I was so clueless to starting school and didn’t know how it even is to be a diploma student. I approached my secondary school friend, barath, who i never spoke to ever. So yes, he was such an amazing friend who helped me out in school a lot. I started my life as a 17 year old learning a lot of things. I met true friends and great classmates. Its been about 3 and a half years in poly and I’m glad i have this clique that i know in day 1 at school. We were classmates for the first semester and we all were placed in diff classes in every semester. My clique was never reunited in any classes but we always tried to meet up before school, after school or even during lunch breaks. We celebrate each other birthdays and festivals. Such amazing people that i gotta share them; Anthea, Jovin, Sabrina, Shan, Shikin, Winna.  Yes we are a total of 7 pretty girls. Besides my homies, i have a very special person to share.

My best friend who i know since we were 13/14 years old. This 8 years with an amazing person is a lot to share. I know her in secondary school. We walked the same way to school, the same way to home and also we were classmates. It took a while to realise that and soon as we did realise that, we became friends. We eventually became close and our families knew each other as we were that (weirdly) close. Having a friend of a different race made me wondered if this lasted. It did lasted after all. We went on different paths after secondary school. She got into ITE and worked extremely hard and got into poly. We are reunited now in the same school(YAY).

Right now, I’m 20. I finally hit the big 2. I’m so happy and excited for the years to come. In my 20 years of existence i had such an amazing life and being able to travel around the world is all because of my super awesome parents. I love them so much that i can never be able to express them out loud. Currently I’m on internship for 6 months and now I’m left with 3 more months. After this, i would have a small break/holidays before i start my last 6 months of school before i can graduate. I can’t wait to graduate and start my next part of life.

I can’t wait to document all about my life in this blog and most importantly, CONSISTENTLY.


Goma, xoxo


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