Is it too late now to say hello to June? (Its’a song reference if you kind of get it)

Anyways, i can’t believe may has passed by. That was so quick! It felt like the whole of the month was just a week. (I’m not even kidding) May was definitely a fun kicking amazing month. Why? There were many reasons.

First, We get to spend for mother’s day dinner. (I felt so old and not a kid anymore). The feeling of holding the responsibility of showering love and care to your mother is the best feeling ever in life. The fact that i turned 20! I was dying to turn the big 2 only because of for some (VERY) weird reasons. But besides that, my brother turned 16. I can’t believe i watch this little chubby boy turn into a much taller guy.

I’m still taken back by the surprise my clique thrown at me a early birthday surprise. But honestly a surprise that went a fail one was much much more memorable. Its none other than my bestie. She came over to my house and i figured out her shoes at the door step. I walked into my room, and she’s there standing with a cake, 3 helium balloons (cutes ones). I’m glad my sis took a video of that. Now, all i do is sit back and watch the video a hundred times. It was that good.

May was such a good month and I’m so blessed to have such a great people around me all the time. The kind of people you really need in life. Not just appearing for occasions.

This june is going to be an exciting one. Why? Parents anniversary (its the 25th anniversary omg!), father’s day and father’s birthday, shan’s birthday! Im so excited. I can’t wait. XO



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