Happy midweek! So so close to weekends. Weekends means more sleep, more time to chill, more bonding time with the fam and also stalking people. 

I don’t know about you but I have never seen someone’s acne as worse as mine. I get alot from my mom or Sister that it’s not that bad as the others but seriously my acne was that bad. 

My acne was a come and go thing. But I did suffered from it. There were times that there were huge bubbles all over my face and I looked so bad. I was so insecure to go out and I didn’t Want to put any makeup on my face. Sometimes I felt like this was it. 

My mom spent tons of money of creams, serums, gels and everything you can name it. We went to see all kinds of Doctors to dermatologists to facial treatment clinics. I even took pills. (NOT ACCUTANE) 

So the bubbles came all over my face when I went to Hong Kong but it got worst right after I came back to Singapore. I was about to start my internship and I didn’t really want to go to the office with a face like that. 

I was so insecure all the time. I was stressed out and upset about it. My mom wanted me to try out other clinics BUT I had enough. 

Oh, I’m also typing this blog post at 11PM when I’m clearly tired, knowing I’ve got to go to the office tmr. 
^^^This is a picture of how my acne was like.
So continuing my stressed out feelings during my first few weeks of intern, my supervisor was so nice to let me know that ACCUTANE works. But I know it had serious side effects and I clearly don’t want to take it. My other colleague in my team however introduce to me some real good brands to use. I took note of it and continued for a good 2 months. 

The miracle that worked for me is Alba Botanic and SEBAMED. I’m in love with this now. My acne is getting so much better which makes me so happy and motivated. 

I also found out that acne is caused by chocolates and dairy products like cheese and milk. I have cut down so much on them though they are my TOP favourites under the food list. I try to find alternatives to it and living that life right now. 

I do still have an acne coming every now and then but that’s like one or two small ones (NOT THE SUPER HUGE ONES). Which is a good thing! I mean pimple comes when your period comes. It comes in a package and you can’t avoid it. 

This is my acne story which I want to document. Why? Because down the lane I want to read this and let myself know how insecure And embarassed I was and how I cleared my acne. 

Did y’all suffer from any Acne? Is there anything that worked for you? Comment below and let me know! Let’s share and help each other Dolls! xo 



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