Hongkong Travel Diary

Happy Rainy Saturday. My kind of favourite saturdays are two things: 1) a rainy saturday to chill or 2) A Saturday for Adventure. There is no in-between. Oh well, Welcome o my HONGKONG TRAVEL DIARY.

I can’t believe its been 3 months since i went to Hongkong. I flew on monday (14 march 2016) early morning on United Airlines flight and needless to say we were the last few boarding the flight. We were trying to have a good breakfast at Burger King and also the last minute shopping at the cosmetics area. Oh the breakfast served at the United Airways was yummy. I mean who doesn’t love cheesy omelette and mac and cheese as a breakfast.

I couldn’t get a good sleep in the flight but as soon as we landed in Hongkong i went absolutely crazy. So we went through the Immigration and met out travel agency who ran us through the tour that was given to us and other necessary information. We did rejected the tour as we already had our own”itineary”. While waiting for our airport transfer to the hotel, My mom and i went to get those MTR passes. Its a transport card loaded with cash which allows you to take transports like Buses and trains. We checked into the hotel and ate our lunch to get ready for the adventure. I will share some pictures and i will chat along the way. Let’s go.


DSC_0005^ Ocean Park (its a theme park!) was pretty gloomy that day. I was crossing my fingers that it won’t rain so i don’t have to miss the chances of playing the rides. I purchased my tickets at Klook and its a website where you can get tickets at a cheaper rate when you travel to different countries. This saved me tons of time from queuing for tickets because there were so many China tour groups.

DSC_0017DSC_0036^ After you reach Ocean Park there is another “island/hill” to cross over to get to the rides. So we took this cable cars and i was kind of freaking out at the beginning but the view was so pretty that i was not freaking out anymore. I wish the sky wasn’t this gloomy so i could have a better view. Oh we queue for a good 40 Mins or so to get into one of this.

DSC_0033^The view from the cable car

DSC_0081DSC_0043DSC_0050DSC_0074^ This picture is blur but its sure to make me still remember how sick this ride was. Ocean Park for sure have some sick rides. This was super cool. It went 360 degrees and also it stood still upside down which was super amazing because you could see a really really good view. (Have you seen the world upside down? Because i did)

DSC_0082^When i step into ocean park there were so many stalls with different games with amazing prizes. I was preying on this super cute unicorn soft toy and asked my dad and brother to get it for us. (Im a sucker for this kind of games) So yes my dad played one of the stall games and got me this super cute unicorn soft toy. (Picture below) Thanks dad and mom for spending money to win for us. I always feel like a little kid with them

DSC_0092DSC_0097^ That’s the end for day 1 of Hong Kong.

DSC_0093DSC_0094^Day 2 at The Sky Terrace via the peak tram. Its a steep ride up to the sky terrace and the peak tram is one of the oldest transport at hongkong. I bought my tickets for this one at Klook as well. You can for sure purchase the tickets at the ticketing counter but its much cheaper to purchase at Klook.

DSC_0107^ One of the view while going up via the peak tram.

DSC_0074^The tram stops at this place and you have to take the escalators to go up to the sky terrace. The view up there is to die for. Though, its gloomy, i fell in love with Hongkong again.

DSC_0080DSC_0083^ So yeah, these are some of the views. After taking tons of pictures here we head to the next place. We went to the Avenue of the stars and Symphony of the stars but they were renovating and we kind of wasted our time, freezing in the weather.

DSC_0037^ Day 3 at Disneyland Hongkong. It was raining when we arrived. I was disappointed but thank god the rain stopped a bit for me to take pictures with the cute mascots and also get into some of the rides. (HONGKONG DISNEYLAND – OMGGGGG!)

DSC_0039DSC_0061DSC_0084DSC_0085^The Royal Banquet Hall is the place we had our scrumptious food. It was pricey but it was definitely amazing. The mickey pizza, mickey hot chocolate and mickey mango pudding was my favourite! I also loved the carbonara pasta i ate here.

DSC_0122DSC_0179^ Im ending the day 3 with a cute stitch picture. I will definitely post another post on Disneyland Hongkong because i have way to many cute pictures to share. Sorry for the little pictures on this one here.

I spend half day at disneyland and started moving off to the ladies market to shop. We shopped till we dropped! Ha, we went crazy here. We get whatever we could. Did i ever mention i got a cute stitch (huge one) soft toy too? Now that you know. It was also pretty cheap that i got one Hello Kitty Soft Toy for my best friend.

Day 4 at Hongkong was all about packing to leave and also last minute shopping at the ladies market, AGAIN. WHY? There is so many things to buy here. Also, There are shopping malls nearby to get branded stuff.

Having travel syndrome now. I miss hongkong. Given the chance, i would definitely go to Hongkong again! Someone give me free tickets now! Xo


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