Hello peeps! Finally my disneyland post is up. I know i have already shared about my trip to hongkong but i had too many pictures taken at disneyland to share.


Disneyland was totally freezing at the point when we reach there and it started to rain. Can you imagine how cold it would have been? It was crazy! We had to go through security before reaching the inside of disneyland. When i stepped in, i am pretty sure i went “wow!”. I cant believe i finally came to disneyland (thanks mom!) – now i can tick it off my bucket list right?


When we entered, there were 3 places with mascots. I wanted to queue for the mickey and minnie but they had alr closed the queue. We decided to split ways – my mom, dad and sis went over to daisy while my brother and i went over to pluto. Pluto was so cute to be real.

So yeah, after some walking and turning back to find my mom, she was there buying this cute mickey caramel popcorn. Omg i was so in love with it. It tasted so good. So while my sister was munching on it, she dropped some on the floor and there were so many pigeons that fly over to us for food.

After some exploration and riding in the carousell we went to find a place to eat for lunch. We had lunch at the banquet hall and they had so much variety. They were pricey but it tasted good so why not right? Unfortunetly the pictures taken of the food were mostly lost because my phone died somewhere after lunch. (keep reading to know) So yeah i was spoilt for choices so i got myself carbonara pasta, mickey hot chocolate, mickey pudding and the mickey pizza for the fam to share.


After lunch we went to the tomorrow land and there were many exciting rides. We played them all. But before we went for the last final ride, i dropped my phone in the toilet bowl and when i took it out to wipe it off it slipped off my hand and died again. (MORE DAMAGE) I was heartbroken. Yes my tears were streaming down my face. My siblings however pulled me over to play the last ride which was scary but i was just too upset on that ride.

These are just some pictures of the Disneyland parade that was just too cute. I felt like a 5 year old kid. I snapped as many pictures as i could. But the stitch blowing a kiss to me was just too cute!


If you ever wonder why there are humans holding umbrella, let me tell you friend, it was raining. And its all worth it.

Okay so apparently my phone had terrible issues but its all good now. Continuing the Disneyland trip, i was too sad to be happy. We decided to go for shopping by taking the mickey train back to the city train station. (never seen a cute train before omg). My mood totally changed when we went shopping. I was so happy!

As i document my trip once again on hongkong, i miss travelling and i miss hongkong’s climate. Peace out & xo


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