Aaaaaaaand, the weekend have came to an end. That’s quick. So i was craving for chilli crab pasta that i tried once the other time at Hyde & Co and fell in love with it. It was so spicy and too good. And all things pasta are my favourite.


We went around Haji Lane to try out PEACHY in the secret hideout. We were too hungry and it was about 15-20 mins walk from the bugis MRT to this place. (maybe more than 20 mins!)

When we arrived, the place had no seats. They had a small seating place. We were told to wait for about 45 mins to get a table. We were so hungry to even wait so we went ahead to look for other cafe that were nearby. (I’m too hungry to wait for food!) That’s when we saw HYDE & CO along the way.

It was a small cafe but looked so cute. The menu was simple and not much variety but nonetheless we still could find something delicious to eat. I think their brunch menu had more variety, but sadly we were given a lunch menu due to the lunch timing. I fainted when i saw the pasta section. (My love for pasta has been increasingly crazy)


Too hungry to capture more pictures. Overall, I loved their food and fell in love with the interior of the cafe. The Lime soda (drink) was too sour. The sweet syrup did not help at all. But i loved how fizzy it was. (Im weird)

I can’t wait to go back to haji lane to eat the chilli crab pasta again. Its so freaking tasty, i can go on and on about how amazing the pasta was. Till then sending some love from me to you, xo.


INSTAGRAM | @gomalatha


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