Does anyone loves surprises? How about double surprises? For me, i freaking love surprises. They are so cool!

A little info about about my Homies are that there are a total of 7 ultimate crazy girls. I’ve known them since 2014 and though its about 2-3 years. we are still so close. Like a family of crazy sisters. We were inititally in the same class for the first semester but for the subsequest semesters, we were allocated to different classes. (Damn’it) So yeah, thou we were different classes, we always make time for each other. We celebrate from birthdays to festivals!

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Back to the story, its the month of may where there were two weird humans were born. Winna on the 15th May, and myself 23rd May. Initially the plan was to surprise Winna Tay who turning 21! We planned to have a surprise picnic at the Marina Barrage.  (I love having picnics with my homes!)

Okay so apparently Winna already knows that we are planning for her something so the surprise is abit fail. We sang happy birthday as loud as possible and then three of my friends dragged me to the toilet. (I felt weird here) Continuing, once I was up, we were taking pictures.

The weird part was that when they told me to stand in between of the whole clique to click a picture when clearly it isn’t my birthday. While clicking the picture, they suddenly turned at me and sang Happy birthday to me and I was totally stunned and started laughing with so much of joy! This is a real surprise. And i call it the DOUBLE SURPRISE.


^^Picture taken seconds before they started singing the “happy birthday” song.

^Picnics are so fun because food is a priority. 

^May Birthday Babies

This is the picture taken when we both were trying to find where they were seating at. I really love this shots taken by the amazing homie, Jovin. Thanks girl for this amazing pictures. Not forgetting, a MASSIVE THANK YOU to the homies for planning out the surprise. I love y’all and ya’ll alreak knew. Till then, sending some love from me to you, xoxo.


INSTAGRAM @gomalatha


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