What exactly is internship? | #Personal

It’s tuesday and it feels like Monday today. This week is passing by too slowly.

Besides my hectic internship hrs, I feel like my body is feeling even more hectic. I  do enjoy working at the office but sometimes I feel like I’m not busy doing something. I love being busy and doing stuff all the time rather than just sitting down and slacking off. Oh wait, I don’t mean like I don’t like chilling. I love chilling, reading a book, watching a movie or just baking. But honestly I want to do something more productive.

I do learn many things through my internship but when it comes to being productive, I don’t think so. There’s still so many factors affecting me. I feel like im a little suffocated when I’m not doing anything.

Moving on, I do like my team. From my boss to my supervisor and my team, they are all girls! How can you not have fun right?

I think my entire post is a Super #personal one here. All about internship, like I haven’t had enough of doing report for my internship and monthly reflection journals! (Kill me) I need some internship motivation. It’s time to create one board at Pinterest just for some internship motivation. P.S I don’t own any pictures in this post; pictures is taken from Pinterest. Goodnight & peace out bro,xo.


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