I remember on my first day of internship, I already knew 4 other students from my school who will be working in the  same company, same level but different desks. On that very first day, I used the company chat to find for my 2 other classmates and chatted abit and find out how their 1 week of internship was like. (I started Internship a week later because I had travel plans already)

They were just my classmates. I wasn’t close to them at all. I’m kinda weird and I sort of talk to anyone (sometimes) so yeah. Moving on, I gradually found a nice and overly attached Friend, Crystal.

So yeah, we would daily chat from 830AM which is start of work to the end of work which is 6PM. Crazy right? Nope we don’t chat every Sec of our life but like in between of work.

Continuing our weird friendship story, we go lunch together and even go to the toilet together. Our desks are far so there’s no way I can walk up and have a chat or rant because “interns ain’t allowed to do that” sort of policy that someone told me. We’re practically toilet buddies.

One really weird thing about us, is that we always wear something similar or wear the same Colour outfit to work. Like how? Weird! Totally weird!

Crystal, Vanessa (my new Friend in the office) and I started going for lunch and talk about everything and anything. On my birthday, we went for lunch together but they treated me for lunch. How sweet. (Thanks guys,again!)

This is for you crystal, thanks for everything. You’re always listening to my rants, stories and lame shits. Thanks girl. I hope our friendship grows more and more like the giant beanstalk.

Finally this post is out! I feel like i should blog daily now but like how do i find the time? I miss school now and i cant wait for my internship to be over and start school! I cant wait for the holidays after internship to have fun before starting school. That’s all for today, xx.




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