I thought i would get home earlier than usual because i had to go down to Kidzania for a site recee but i guess god decided, i should get home as usual. It was so fun and i even sort of lost my pass. Thank god i found my other friend who was interning there and she got me out. (THANKS GIRL!)

Okay, so i think my intern life is occupying my whole life. Basically i don’t even have a proper life. When it comes to weekend, i do chores and sleep as much as i can. Oh, maybe catch up with a show or a movie alone or with my fam. I’m too lazy to go out. (My main reason for never hanging out with my friends)

Okay so here goes my (miserable and sad) 24 hrs of my life.

630AM – Alarm rings off, Brush my teeth, Bath

650AM – Change to an outfit, make my bed, put on toner and moisturizer.

7AM – Makes a hot cup of tea or milo, reply to overnight texts, make my dad a cup of coffee.

715AM – Put on rest of makeup, make breakfast for work, put on shoes.

735AM – Leave house

740AM ish – Boards bus to the shuttle bus area.

805AM  – Shuttle bus arrives, boards bus, journey to office.

815AM – Bus arrives at work, opens mails (FAINT!), get some hot tea.


6PM Leaves desk, wait for shuttle bus.

615PM – Boards bus, journey back to shuttle bus stopover area.

630PM – walk to nearest bus stop, boards bus.

7PM – Reach home, have a good long bath, get some dinner.

745PM – Publish post, draft more  posts, reading blog posts, watching youtube videos and etc.

9PM – Gets hungry (a little okay), get some fruits.

10PM – Go to bed, scroll through insta, twitter, facbook.

MAGICAL HOUR – Sleep. (ZZZzzzzz)

630AM – Alarm rings. . . . . . . . .


How boring right? Thursdays and fridays are even tiring because i have my part time job which is around 6PM – 10PM. Thank god, I’m able to work from the comfort of home. (cool right?) What i do in my internship? I’ll do another post about it. Its gonna be so funny – or maybe not. Anyways, Im hungry which means I’m off for now. PEACE OUT. xx



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