I’m not into cafe hopping but honestly the weather makes me hit a cafe for something cold.

Did i ever mention Singapore is always Summer all year long? Frustrating.

Honestly, besides the food at every cafe/restaurant, i always fall in love with the ambience. I’m that person who keeps looking around at the cafe – looking at every detail. I think it sounds weird, but I really love how well the interior of a cafe/restaurant is.

I love how vintage (or maybe not) the cafe was. I loved how there was a bicycle hanging up in the ceiling, the quotes up on the wall, the old wooden tables that were foldable and not to forget the old gramophone record.






I cannot explain enough on how beautiful this cafe is. I mean c’mon those bicycles and old gramophone stole my heart. (I can’t ride a bicycle, fyi)

The menu do have cute names for their desserts but not much of a variety. That Mango Bingsu would definitely be delicious if it comes with a mango syrup and the condensed milk felt like diluted evaporated milk.

But I can definitely hit up this pretty cafe for the interior, again. So glad I went to this pretty looking cafe. The seats are kinda limited thou. Its a small cafe but the people kept coming in.

Now, I’m all about watching a movie i have always kept myself from watching – Me Before You. I cried reading this book and as soon as i realise the movie is going to come out, I thought to myself – HELL YEAH. But the ending was what kept me from watching. Time to watch that and sleep. Peace out till tomorrow, xx.





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