Its a damn (bloody) hot Sunday. I don’t even understand the weather. Like why? I can’t even take a proper nap.

I need a nap. Im feeling cranky.

Very cranky.

So my Saturday yesterday, was all about heading to the Art Science Museum where they had new exhibitions. I also did watched Me Before You. (Like finally!)

On my previous post, i did mention how badly i wanted to watch Me Before You. I did watch it and it was such a beautiful movie. But…….There were so many parts/scenes that were lacking. I might have a higher expectation of the movie because i read the book. I don’t know. I just felt that there should have been more scenes. Everytime Ed Sheeran songs came on, it was magically perfect. PERFECT.

Back to Art Science Museum. I love exploring so much and i do love museums. I love taking tons of pictures as well. They didn’t have anything exciting as much as i thought there would be. There is way too many kids running around – what is this a museum or a playground?



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