HELLO JULY. I failed at blogging. again.

Not again, but i was really busy and had no time for myself. I am literally crying for the weekends to come!

That cupcake with the ugly wall is making my post pretty, NOT.

I can’t explain how excited I was for July. 2 MORE months to end of intern. My two homies turned 20. And my best friend is turning 20 too! I’m so excited. A month full of celebration.

I’m just too tired of working you know? I mean i really like the working lifestyle. But the fact that most of the time, i’m rotting at work is pissing me off. I just want to end the misery soon.

I want to go on a little short trip. But i think i’ll just save up for my next year travel. Oh god, long way to go.

Right now, I’m craving for ice cream. Its like i have never had one for years. Singapore is burning hot and i can’t understand why it just won’t rain at all. It rains for less than hour and the next minute back to the scorching sun.

I’m trying to draft my next few blog posts up after this so I’ll have something up in my blog that isn’t too outdated. I really want this blog full of my life events, sorrows, pain, happiness and everything else.

I feel like i need to catch up with my sleep and let this headache go away. Woke up on saturday with this horrible headache and still went out and the same thing happened on sunday. I came home and took like 2 pills of Panadol (on monday) and went to bed but i couldn’t even sleep the whole night. I kept waking up and felt so annoyed.

I need a proper long sleep. Intern life is hard.

You don’t get any leave or day off. Tough life, bro.

For now, peace out till tomorrow. xo


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