My friend turned 20 last monday! Happy birthday Anthea! (if you’re reading this)

She threw a little staycation birthday party and it was awkward!

Shall we start by how long it took to get her the perfect birthday present. 2 weeks mental preparation on what to get her. About 3 hours haunting for the present on the actual day. I died.

Town is always crowded and times like this i feel Singapore is over-populated. Ugh! I hate how crowded it was and it added to my headache. We finally got her something at Chomel. It was so pretty.

It was awkward at first at the hotel room but then, Shan and I went a little crazy and did a mini photoshoot. The picture involves bathtub as a prop as well. (Crazy, i told ya)

Thank you anthea, for the invite. You’re an amazing friend who has been listening to my rants which includes me whining all the time. I don’t know how you put up with that, but thanks! Cheers to many more exploration and a lifetime friendship.

Peace out till tomorrow.


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