My another friend, sabby turned 20 as well last sunday! Happy birthday girl!

Not to mention, she invited us over for her birthday and Raya invitation. So that’s the DUO celebration.

(More pictures below!)

It was so freaking far that i might actually died. Thank god I met up with the rest. The journey was so much fun talking to them. Catching up with them is the best. They make me forget tough times.
Moving on, when we get there, we surprised her with a huge ass helium balloon and a pretty necklace from Chomel. Chomel has so many pretty necklaces and i might go get one real soon.

When we reached, her house was so crowded with so many people. Festivals are so fun when you have so many people over at your house. But wait, we didn’t know anyone. Awkward. The kids were so cute and kept running around and even talked to us. SO cute.

Thanks for the good food sabrina and also having us over. It was a great time.

The journey back was another torture so we decided to cab back to a location we all won’t have to travel that far.

Peace out for now.


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