Hello Sunday! Sundays are the worst days besides mondays. Two reasons to which why i hate sundays. One: I have to prepare so much for the upcoming week and also i have more chores to do on sunday. Two: Time flies by so quickly!

I just really hate sundays. When someone tells me to meet them on a sunday, its a straight no.

I have kinda stopped blogging. I really don’t have ANY time for ANY thing to do in life.

I love my blog and this whole purpose of this blog is to document my life. So I’m really okay with outdated posts lol. 

Some times i draft some of my posts on my way home but then the second i got home after a bath, I’m never never moving my body, not even my fingers. Also while typing this blogpost, my sister is looking at me and probably expecting a blog post up.

And there’s me trying so hard to put this blog post up by TODAY. I will do it!

Its my best friend birthday this coming tuesday. Thanks to internship which is making my life harder to have any time socialising. I can’t believe i have to wait till saturday to meet this CRAZY woman in my life. Bet she’s having so much time with this new guy she is talking to. (Insert smirk face) 

There’s me like a potato sitting in my bed whenever i get home.

I’m so happy that I’m trying to finish my report for the internship but I’m nowhere near to the end so that worries me a lot. This is a crazy ass post where I’m tryna talk to myself. lol. Well, PEACE OUT till tomorrow because i have a blog post for tomorrow for sure. Xo 


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