Don’t get me wrong when I’m counting down to the end of internship. I just want to get some time to myself. 

I’m so way back into things. If I were to do a “to-do” list now, it’s gonna be more than 50 things to do. (Maybe lesser)

First and foremost, I really need to get get my internship report done. I rarely have any time during the weekdays. I mean cmon, I spend 12 hrs outside. (Including travel journey and etc.) Weekends are just out of topic. I just have enough time to do chores, chores, and chores!!

The fact that everyone are left with 5 weeks of internship which leaves me with 6 weeks of internship is a straight torture. T O R T U R E.

But nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the end of internship. I feel like taking my camera and just go out and capture some pretty pictures. Go out and have a tea or SOMETHING. Read a book. Enjoy life.

That’s all for today. This is just me trying to countdown to more time in the world. Peace out till tomorrow.


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