July, you were amazing.

I’m typing this with a million thoughts in my head. “I need to post this no matter what”. “Get this done quickly, and draft the other posts”. “Get your IIP Presentation done!”. Well, if i were to type all the other million thoughts in my head, this post will be never done.

I loved July. It started well and ended well. I spend the last second day of the month (31st August to be exact) with my best friend. My best friend i knew for 8 years.

Her birthday fall in during the weekdays and since I’m the busiest person alive ever during my internship, i wasn’t able to celebrate with her. I had to wait for about 4 days later to celebrate with her. Yes, I’ve been celebrating with her for 8 god damn years.

I’m working on her birthday post since forever. Like literally forever. My “Letters that i have never sent” category is the one that was suppose to be out for her birthday but damn i never got the time.

Yesterday, the last day of the month, i worked out a little. Today, i should continue with that but I’m so tired and i need to do couple of things before i got to bed. Okay wait, I’m going to work at least 5 mins today. I will.

That’s it for today’s post. I’m going to work on tomorrow’s post now – A letter to my best friend. Peace out till tomorrow. xo



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