Dear Chan Huiwen,

I still vividly remember the first day i met you. It wasn’t the first day of school. It took me a week to realize you were in the same class as me and at least 2 weeks to realize we walk home the same way. We didn’t talk much and just exchanged glances. 

After some time, i spoke to you my very first words. “Hey, we walked the same way to home and school. Do you realize that?” And you responded, “Yes.” That was the only word that came out from you mouth. I felt like we will never be friends.

It was raining that morning while walking to school. You were walking behind me and i noticed that. You catch up with my (fast) walking speed and said something i couldn’t even remember. I didn’t even thought we would be friends then too.

We somehow walked home after school every single day ever since that day. We talked and shared things about ourselves along our way.

Do you remember the first birthday celebration we had together? We went out to celebrate by watching Harry Potter Movie. It was so boring that we were using our phones.

Secondary school days are full of memories of you. The fun we had together. I knew your about crush, that (asshole) guy you hang out with and how you got together with him. How you had this weird ass clique of friends when we were no longer the same class. We had geography classes together but that was a lesson for us to doodle. We walked over to each other classes for every lesson break. We would go get some bubble tea when the weather is a killer after school.

The bad part was when you moved away and got also enrolled in a different school. We couldn’t run up to each other houses whenever we wanted. I hated that.

Look where we are now. Back to the same school, pursuing our diploma and still keeping our friendship strong.

There are so many crazy memories with you. Sometimes i feel like you’re a sister, a mother, a grandma as well. Ha!

Sometimes when we hang out, we eat and chill. Most of the times, we are just at each other’s house chilling. Its like we’re a family.

Look at us celebrating each other birthdays and festivals. I still love your mom & dad’s steamboat. Killer food.

Happy (Belated) birthday Best Friend.

You are an amazing person. You have been through my whines, rants, sorrows, more rants, even more whines. I know things dont always go the way you want them, but, girl, never stop. Keep Going. Here’s to many more years of friendship and more celebration together! I love you!

This blog post should be posted on the 26th of July, my best friend’s birthday.  Delayed post.


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