Its monday! I’m so happy and forward looking for this week. Only because i have 3 days of work. Thank god for National day so there’s no work and also friday i have to head back to school for a presentation on my internship. Not even done yet.


After this week,i have 3 weeks of internship left and nothing makes me more happier than this. Moving on, Last Saturday or should i say 2 weeks ago, i celebrated for my best friend birthday. I’m so happy it went the way i planned!


So i picked up my bouquet that i ordered and rushed to Ang Mo Kio to get her favourite sliced cake but who knows i have to wait longer for that. I cant afford to wait because my best friend was dying to leave her house to meet me at my house MRT station. So i quickly make rounds at the shopping mall and i bought 3 pretty cupcakes from twelve cupcakes and made a move.


So while i was on the bus towards her house, i was thinking for an excuse to let her know Im not prepared yet while she made facts that she needs a longer travel time. After which, when i got to her block, it hit me suddenly that i forgot what floor she lived at. I had to go up and down several times till it strike in my head again what floor she lived at. Panic mode kills me.


Walked to her door with presents, a bouquet and the cupcake and yelled, “CHAN HUIWEN!” HA! I knew she is gonna be surprised and shocked to see me at her door. I’m good at surprises i guess.


She responded “WTF”. She’s vulgar.

Moving on, we took a couple of photos, made our way to the restaurant i made reservation for lunch. Brought her to Sakuntalas. I love this place for their indian food. Freaking good. Brought her once here and she loved it. I knew this is the perfect place for her birthday lunch.

She was so damn happy. I’m happy when i make people around me happy. I feel happy when they appreaciate what i do for them.


While we took trains directionlessly, she suggested we go sing K when i never had step into one before. One because im too shy or something and two, i find it ridiculous.


Nonetheless, we went to Safra Toa Payoh to sing. So yes while they had freeflow of drinks and snacks, my throat was still dying. I guess we weren’t singing but screaming.


Tired and dying but still wanted to spend the day with her. So i headed back to her house when my house was just freaking near. Spend the day with her and Grabcar back home. Embarrassed myseldf so much in front of the driver because i couldn’t find the door to the back seat. Awkwardly sat and talked to the driver and he seemed so friendly.


That’s all for today. Here’s to some selfies i spammed on my phone. Peace out till tomorrow’s blog post. 


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