Its Friday. My kind of TGIF.

No work day.

I had to go back to school today for my internship presentation. (Its over!) Firstly, i was happy to go to school for my milk tea and secondly for my pasta. Nope, i didn’t have my favourite spicy drumlet pasta today but i had my milk tea.

I was freaking excited and when i presented my part. Only because i know when its my last slide, it will be over!! That much of happiness within me.

After presentation i went to meet Anthea since her class ended around there. I’m still feeling sad for ditching her to go home together. ( Still, I love you babe.)

So coincidentally i met my sister at the MRT station and we conversed so much in the train that people were actually listening to us! Grabbed my Matcha latte to celebrate my presentation that was over at Gongcha and headed home to watch my K-drama. Now, I’m just hoping to finish my internship report by this weekend.

Just 3 weeks more to end of internship. I’m so freaking excited and i really want to do some really cool stuff during the holidays. Also, yay to finally editing my about me page. Its like brand new. Love it! So, peace out till the next post. xo.


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