China was on my bucket list only for one reason.

Great Wall of China. 

Thanks to my school trip that gave me an opportunity to sign up for it. I was jumping in joy and asked my parents to allow me to go. Thou I won’t be able to see the Great Wall of China, sadly. 

Something about going away from my family saddened me at the airport when my mom and sis waved goodbye to me when i walk pass the immigration. That warm hug she gave me and a peck of kiss on my cheek, made me turn back and think if i should really go to China.

I immediately got hyped up when i entered and decided to buy something at Charles and Keith. My wallet was in a terrible condition so i just purchased one anyways. Hey, it’s going to be a year and im still using that black wallet i bought it. Still in a good condition. 

The journey in the plane made me cry. It was horrible. The longest travel duration i had was about 3 hours?! Trip to Shaghai, China was about 5-6 hours. It was so long i felt like a day was over.


Thank god for the good movies they had and a book that i brought along to read. Oh, not to mention, travelling in Singapore Airlines is such a good comfort. One can never lie about it.


Arrived and queued at the Immigration for god knows how long. My school had about 66 students and about 4 teachers which was extremely a lot! Even checking into a hotel, took alot of time.

What i love about china and miss the most?

The buidings. Weird. I know.

I felt like all the buildings were tall and  so pretty. Cafes that look so instagram-worthy, the alleys that urges you to click a picture, the corners of the buildings that were so beautiful. 



I enjoyed looking out of the window and watching all that pretty buildings that i  passed by on the bus. Damn. I could never fall asleep during the bus journey around China. But thank god, for the beautiful views that took my breath minus the bad traffic. 


What i did not enjoy?

The food, food, food and food. The food was so bad. Hygenic level made it even worse. And i felt like the chopsticks were some kind of poles. They were so freaking long. Why? How? I felt so irritated to eat during lunch and dinner times. Breakfast were all good since we had them at the hotel itself.

Thank god for the cup noodles that i brought to eat it at the nights in the hotel.

Incident i cant forget?

That one bus that hit a woman. I didnt see the bus literally hit her because it was directly in front of the bus i was in. But yes we did see a pool of blood she was in. Nobody did anything but stand in front of her. The ambulance took like more than 30 mins and/or about an hr to get here. She looked dead when they carried her into the ambulance. It was scary. Frightening.

Will i go back to China? Yes! Definitely a yes! I would like to go to that one Musuem we visited the last day. The weather was too good to be real. It was chilly but you could still feel the sun. Perfect weather. Love love love it.

Visited Shanghai & Suzhou, China, around last year September (2015). Woke up from a Sunday nap, missing Shanghai. Oh well its Monday tomorrow which means back to the office. Anyways, peace out till the next post. Xo.


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