The fact that I’m left with 2 weeks of internship, is making me crazy. I have longed for a break so badly.

Honestly working in a office has its Pros and Cons. Though, i had a good time working with my intern company, it also enlighten me on several issues. Several issues that bothers me at work.

Here is a list of it all:

  1. Email Etiquette: Let’s be honest. There are good and bad people in the world. Not everybody is here to please you either. Sometimes getting a rude email back, pisses me off so much. I wish i could give a good bash through an email back. But nope, that would only terminate my internship ;(
  2. Pretending to be busy: I love being busy. At times, there isn’t any work to do but you definitely don’t want to tell this to your colleague so you just pretend to be busy.
  3. Desk bound job: I hate sitting at a place and not moving my butt anywhere. The fact that my internship is a desk bound job from 830-6 is a no joke. I have to make my way to the toilet to get a break or to the printer.
  4. Binge Eating: I cannot emphasise how much i ate so much during work. I get bored, i put my hand in a bag of snacks i bought and i start munching away. Reasons why i put on weight during this 6 months. Life.
  5. Lack of holidays: The fact that i have to go to work every single day. Unless there is a holiday for me to get breaks on a weekday. I hate this.
  6. Having no time for yourself: I barely have any time for myself or either my family or my friends. I only have the weekends to rest and chill but there is no way i’m getting out of the door to socialise. I need more sleep. Priorities.
  7. Boring lunch: School have way more varieties than just that plain boring lunch options i have near my office. The days when my colleagues drive me out for lunch are the days i have a satisfying lunch.

Oh well, that’s all for today’s post. I need to finish up my last bits of internship report tomorrow. Deadlines are getting nearer, sadly. Peace out till the next post.


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