Do you ever feel like you should celebrate with a huge cake, lots of party poppers, popping champagne when you complete a whole to-do-list in a single day? 

I’m so in a mood for celebration now. Cakes, please? 

I was happily counting down my internship dates that I totally forgot about a list of things to complete and submit into the portal. 

Damn, me. 

So I decided to have a good shower right after I reach home after work and have dinner as quick as possible. So like instant food are the easier and quickest to make, so that happened. I was constantly reminding myself to finish and submit all my documents right after dinner. It was like I was chanting mantra under my breath. 

So yes, I took my laptop, decided to hear some good music to get me started. But no, that would only make me sing along to the music and shake my head rhythmically. Closed the tab. 

So I quickly finished my report that took me for ages to complete. Inserting pictures into documents are so irritating. I hate to resize it and adjust according to the margins and etc. So annoying. I finished my last reflection journal for the month of internship. Head over to the portal to submit all my documents and bam, my internet was acting crazy when I connecting to my school connection. I hate my school vpn so Much that I wish I would graduate now and get rid of it from my laptop.

It took me billions of tries on re-submitting the student feedback survey and uploading my school report. Phew. I was planning to hammer my laptop to pieces. So I uploaded all the other documents required and yes, IM DONE!! 

I’m so happy that I’m done with all the submissions. I’m only left with 8 More days at office. My inernship is coming to an end so soooooon. 

I need a celebration now. Maybe junk food will be my celebration for now. Oh well, peace out till the next post. Xo. 


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