Happy Hump Day!

This is the second part to the previous post. After some museum exploration, it was time to eat and of course to celebrate the august birthday babies. Oh, like finally.

Maybe my friend chose the wrong cafe. Maybe we didn’t read much reviews of this cafe. Maybe we wanted to be adventurous and try something new.

The food sucks.

Most of us ordered the fish and chips and it was so tasteless. 18 dollars on that fish and chip was a wrong idea. I mean even the 5 or 6 dollars fish and chips in the coffeeshop or hawker centre are way more delicious. Let me not make any comment on that cold brew tea. Felt like an ice water or something.

Not a criticism, but more like facts.

Or is it my tastebuds?

Pretty sure everyone was reaching out for the pepper to add flavour to the tasteless fish.

Moving on, we pulled out the cakes, gifts and also a major loud birthday song to celebrate the belated august birthday babies.

Happy Birthday Jovin & Shikin once again! Love y’all! Stay blessed and pretty.

^^^ Everyone came in blue though we didn’t plan except one of my friend right here. But at least she came in dungarees!!


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