Looking through the drafts, and i saw this sitting down here. Why not post it right?

Sometimes i have million thoughts in my head. I’m a human after all. I either lay in my bed and overthink more about these thoughts or either I’m getting onto wordpress and hitting a new post. But when i hit the new post, it ends up on the drafts most of the time.

So here we go. Hello draft.

I really want to know something for now at least. Is waiting for something or someone worthwhile. We all sometimes want to wait for a miracle. Sometimes we believe waiting is all you need to get there. But is it worthwhile?

Are dreams similar to waiting too? Because we believe someday that those dreams do come true and we wait. But is it worthwhile?

There’s also me who believes, strongly, that a dream is only achievable when someone works hard towards it. Working hard towards it, is equivalent to waiting till you achieve it. Oh well, Nothing comes easy in this world. Even waiting for it is not easy.

I feel like my words or rather my thoughts are all over the place for this post. Till the next post, xo.


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