This post came up only because i felt like that was more to the previous post i posted yesterday. I ended somewhere – nothing in this world is easy. That brings me to this post.

Nothing in this world is easy.

It comes with zillions of hardwork, fights, the midnight tears streaming down your face, the doubts you have within yourself, yelling at people that you can make it.

But we know for a fact, its not that easy.

An education. A dream. The kind of life you want. The Career.

You need to work hard towards it. Nobody gives it to you. Nor is it easy to find or to accomplish. You go through the rough path. The 2 kinds of path: One that ends and Two the kind of path that give you the light in the end of the tunnel. It’s about you right here. If you really want it or not.

A loving family, nice love story, great friends, good food, and everything else is not coming to you that easily. You fight for it till the end of of your life.

What about a job? Being a businessman isn’t easy nor being a cobbler is easy. Everything is hard.

Life is hard. But you move on. You don’t just move on. But you work towards it. And you keep working towards it. Never ever stopping.

Even being in the peak doesn’t mean you can stop. A peak has a downward slope as well. You fall.

So you work hard even if you fall. But you can never stop.

Nothing in the world is easy nor cheap.

Till the next post, peace and love. xo


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