My room is always a mess. Takes me ages to clean it. Ugh.

I have a love-hate relationship with chores. As much as i love doing them and keeping it tidy and neat, i hate how much tiring it is.

But the satisfaction you get after cleaning is so so so good.

I can’t believe I’m doing a blog post on chores. omg.

Weird thing is that if i sleep more than i should, i get real cranky. I just get irritated at everything and feel like yelling at everyone. True fact right here. Even when i’m so tired and i want to sleep in a little late, i get cranky. Weird.

I love rising in the morning. Love love it. Also, doing something productive in the early morning is something i love too.

So after all the internship and part time jobs. Its holidays now, finally!

I’m rising up early and finding something to do these days.

So i clean. DO CHORES.

Today was so productive. Cleaning the kitchen. Doing the dishes. Sweeping and Mopping the whole entire house. Doing Laundry. Like twice? No. Thrice. So freaking #proudofmyself right now.

I just loved how today was just about enjoying the chores. Anyways, speaking of cleaning the house, the hell is arriving.

Diwali festival is coming soon which means every corner of the house needs to be cleaned. Yay to holidays or boo to holidays? Who knows.

Till the next post, peace and love. xo.


*Picture taken from Pinterest


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