How is it been already September? The fact that 8 months have been already gone is making me crazy. Maybe the 6 months of internship have made the time gone too fast.

I started 2016 with the excitement of internship. Now that is over, what is there to look forward? Lack of motivation right here. Also, now is the holidays so like….. I’m so bored.

I’m only writing this post for 2 reasons. One to motivate myself and Two to tell myself that life goes on. More exciting things to come my way.




Maybe this is a to do list. But honestly i would like to clean the entire house. Weird enough. Well next month is Diwali and i don’t really want to do it next month and feel like my holidays are hell for me. So i might as well get started this month and try to finish them ASAP. Im thinking about cleaning everything everyday like finish it within a week.  This is impossible because my mom would definitely add more to the list. Which will become never ending.




Diwali Month! Yay to that and Boo to that cause its almost at the end of the month. Looking forward to this month for  some reasons. Which is baking cookies for Diwali, Wearing Pretty clothes and eating tons of food on Diwali itself. Also I’m starting school around the mid-october! Yay to back to school. I miss school. So i’m definitely excited to be back.




I don’t know quite what to look forward to this month. There is nothing really on my mind right now. Its empty. But probably there would be something popping out soon. Wait, could it be the exams? I need to check my school academic calander now!!!




Maybe its the exam period here. Nervous as hell now. But hell yeah its december! Its not like I’m celebrating christmas but hey let’s talk about the gifts. I hope i can go for the christmas wonderland with the homies and exchange gifts like last year. Also the beginning of the month is my mom’s birthday. Excited much. Not to forget my sister’s birthday at the end of the month. Amazinggggg.


I didn’t quite know there was a lot to look forward but wow while writing this, everything popped in my head. So probably all it takes is to sit down and think about all the happy things in life to look forward to the beautiful life. Till the next post, peace and love. xo


*All pictures are taken from Pinterest.


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