Yo, its mid-week!

I can’t believe its been 10 days since i uploaded a blog post. I wasn’t so much of being busy for the past few days.

Finally a story about a stiff neck and an injection.

I had a stiff neck when i woke up on a fine beautiful sunday. I only realised it when i woke up at around 7 plus AM that my neck hurts a little. SO i decided not to move my neck and continued to sleep at that certain position till it was around 10AM. I tried to get up from the bed and it hurt so badly that i did this silent screaming.

My bro and dad were so excited about this. They came up all near me to “crack” the neck. But it was so much of pain and fear that ended with some UGLY CRYING. I’m not even kidding. Being 20, wanting to be fearless but honestly I’m such a baby when it comes to pain.

It hurt the whole day and i couldn’t even move my neck because it hurt so much. I had to spend the whole night, sleeping upright. I couldn’t bring my neck lower to the pillow at all. So much of horrible pain. I didn’t even know that stiff neck could be this bad.

I even spend the whole of my sunday trying to google of ways to ease the pain. Nothing worked. NOTHING.

Monday morning, same old pain. My mom told me to go to the doctor and get an injection. I was so afraid because the last time i had an injection was like when i was about 12 years old? 8 years after, getting an injection felt like: 1) It isn’t going to hurt a lot, I’m twenty freaking years old. 2) This could be really scary, I’m a baby.

I went to the doctor, i told him what happened and requested for an injection. He told me that he need to check the record if i had any allergies before considering an injection. I was really better and not scared at all till he went, “You have been taking syrups and not even tablets. Are you sure about this?” WHAT THE FREAKING HELL. I was totally frightened now. He just sat there thinking to himself if its a good idea when i asked him if its going to hurt a lot.

My mom told me its going to be an ant bite but the doctor is reacting otherwise.

The doctor was preparing of the injection and i was trying so hard to close my eyes. I heard my dad footsteps right outside the door and started screaming, “my daddddddddd”. Right after that, “ahhhhhhhhhh”. The doctor finished the injection. It wasn’t so much of pain but still i could feel the poke. Damn it. Thank god for my dad who went, “its okay”. I started to smile right after that.

Walking out of the door, realised that all the patients that was right there, heard that scream. Embarrassing. Really so embarrassing. The nurse that was billing me asked me if i sprained my neck with that look of, “why did you scream that loud?”

i cam back home and slept because my mom forced me to bring my neck to the pillow and sleep no matter how much it hurts. I slept right after a minute. Good sleep when you can’t sleep the whole night, sitting upright.

My neck got so much better the next day. It was totally fine and back to normal after a day or two. I wish that i would never ever get a stiff neck EVER in my life AGAIN.

Till the next post, peace and love. xo


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