117 FOLLOWERS?!?!??! This is insane.

Hey y’all my amazing readers who encourages me to keep sharing my thoughts and everything on a public platform (virtual hugs okay?)

So recently I feel so suffocated and stressed – that explains my acne. But nope we ain’t gonna Talk about my acne but something else I’ve been struggling with.

I know that most of my readers are international readers. You might not quite get what I’m talking about in the next para but I hope I kinda make some sense there.

Okay so the only thing I was focusing on school at 16 & 17 years old was to get into a polytechnic to get a diploma.

Here I am in my year 3. Also I’ll be graduating on March. So my first semester I was actually doing my internship and then the second (last semester) I would be studying my last 5 modules. Im on holidays now before school starts around mid-october.

Thank god I didn’t fail any modules so far and remodule. But my GPA isn’t that good to get into the local universities.

Singapore local universities are Super hard to get in. Which means you need like a 3.6-4 pointer of GPA to get into a local Universities. Can I please don’t mention about all the international students filling up all the seats as well? These locals now are getting into private Uni or either going overseas to do their Uni.

Now I’m currently doing my diploma in events. I was dying to go abroad maybe like Aus, Nyc or UK to do law because I really wanted to do law since 5 years ago. But i don’t know if i really really really want to do law. Its like 80% i want to do law but it isn’t 100%. Sigh.

I can’t have my parents to pay for my university. It’s freaking (hella) expensive. I’m so stressed knowing I have no stable yes LIKE STABLE OR CONFIRMED future after my diploma.

Till the next post, peace and love. xo.


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