DIWALI 2016! (DAY 1)

Sometimes i wonder why i stopped blogging. School started so that might be a good excuse. Struggling with school and diwali visiting killed me, physically, mentally and emotionally.

DIWALI 2016!

Diwali & Deepavali is the same thing. It annoys me when people argue with me about it. Like quit arguing with me. Its the same thing!!!!!

Diwali 2016 was something i didn’t look forward when days were approaching. I was so busy with school, work, cleaning the house, and baking over 3000 plus different cookies!! I was so restless when i go to school the next morning. I was so tired and yawned atleast 100 times in one single day.

When it was Diwali eve, my mood was totally ruined. Like worse. But i had a nails appt fixed, so that kind of cheer my mood up.

I woke up so happy to wear my new clothes!!! I did mention on a post earlier that my parents went to India just to shop for us some traditional clothes!! I always loved everything pink, sparkles, puffy. dressy, glittery, princessy things/clothes or whatever you name it.

These GREEN Princessy outfit was everything. I mean i love the cutting!! Its so gorgeous. And from the back view, it looks so puffy and cute. I love love love it.


P.s A big big shoutout to my bestfriend who stayed the whole day at my house and also a big thank you for helping the fam out on diwali.

Ok, so I’ll chat along as we go!

P.s the pictures are so grainy and a little blur thou i took it from my Iphone 6. I was so busy to take pictures in my DSLR. Now, that explains my poor quality pictures ;(

I tried to squeeze in all my time to take my oufit shots but i couldnt get the “perfect” shot or rather the shot that i wanted to take.





I dont know if you can tell but we kind of went with the Green & White themed Diwali. I am totally in love with the family photo!!! We literally look so good!





My 7/7 homies swag friends couldnt make it. I get it, internship is so horrible. Atleast 3 of them made it! They wanted to tie saree so my mom sort of gave them her saree and also, tied it for them. The process is tedious. Also, thanks to shan, for helping to take pictures of my fam in the morning!




My baby, my bestfriend and my fam. She have been celebrating diwali with me for as long as i can remember! A big big love to this girl for helping my fam out on diwali day itself. It was chaotic!! Thanks baby! Also thanks for staying till 11+PM.






This diwali was so chaotic. The guests who arrived to our house was more than expected and people kept coming at the wrong timing. Needless to say, my mom spent her whole diwali in the kitchen, cooking and cooking. We all didn’t wake up the next morning till late noon.

I decided to post my diwali outfits for the various days in different posts. So for tomorrow’s post, it would be the pink traditional costume which has the cutest cutting at the end of the costume. Till the next post, peace and love always. xo!


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