DIWALI 2016! (Day 2)

I always get one question from my chinese or malay friends. “How many days do indians celebrate diwali?” And my answer will be, “according to the govt, it would be 1 day.” I just wished indians being the minority, we still get our say. (P.S not trying to be Amos Yee)


My first day of diwali outfit was green as posted yesterday on my blog!

My second day outfit was pink! Yay! As pink as the one i wore for last year! I’m proud to say that for the consecutive 3 years (including this year), i wore a pink outfit. I’m obsessed with the colour PINK. And this outfit had alot of “gathering” (idk what it is called) at the bottom. So when you spin, it looks so pretty!! You can already tell from the pictures below!


P.S. pictures again taken in iphone 6. So excuse the bad quality at times.

I had alot of biryani for diwali these year with lots of meat (mutton/fish/chicken)!! I was always looking forward to lunch and dinner timing LOL. Oh, i had alot of sweets/cookies & murrku too! I means what is diwali without all the food yeah?

All these visiting is crazy. I dont know if there is a diwali day 3 but i did went for diwali visiting thou it was a school day. Outfit for that was crazy as hell. But i will post that for tomorrow’s blog post.

So i guess that’s all i have for today’s post. Oh, i would love to go to india, to know how they celebrate diwali!!! I’m waiting for that day! So till the next post, PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS. xo!



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