I feel so good when i update my blog regularly like literally everyday. I feel amazed. Finally My Diwali Day 1 & Day 2 post is up! I wanted to post it for sooooo long but damn, i had no time.

So next day was unfortunately monday, which means back to school. When i came back home, my mom told me she had to go visit her friend. None of my siblings were home, so i decided to go with her. I was so tired and so i had a quick nap and put on a dress instead of a traditional costume. Oops.

My mom did forced me to change into a traditional costume for diwali visiting. I had no mood to change into one since i was so damn tired. So that explains why i went for a visiting with a blue dress. LOL.

Anyways, i had tons of food. Once i took the cab back home, i called for pizza. Food is never enough. Now, i need a strict workout plan. Tomorrow post would be definitely a diwali visiting again with tradition costume ha! Well, till the next post, peace and love always. xo!



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