I was thinking what should i name for this post’s title. Then i decided it will be a part 2. I think i have a part 3 the week after. (Not really sure…)

Okay, so it was a fine sunday morning, when we had to rush over to our relative’s house because it was around 1-2PM noon. I was tired and wanted more sleep. But i had to shower, dress up, put on make up and BASICALLY do every single girly thing.

So we cab over to my relative house thinking we were late. But damn, my relative was cooking still. An hour passed and she was cooking. 2 hours passed and she still was cooking!!!

My stomach was growling so badly. Oh, guys, let me tell you. My stomach is good at growling real loud when I’m hungry. Sometimes when my class is too quiet my stomach growls so loud that my class is already making eye contact with me.

So continuing with my story, yes i had my lunch after 4 in the noon. The food was good and when it comes to biryani, i will definitely love it!

So here’s some pictures i took on that day! Till the next post, peace and love always. XO.



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