Maybe this is not called a food adventure, since I’m back at the same place once again.

I don’t know what has happened to me. I’m so in love with bingsu right now. The previous time i was there, i told my mom that we should definitely come back. But i didnt know we would be going there so soon!

I had a off-site field trip lesson. So my mom and i decided to meet for lunch after my morning class. We had lunch and did some shopping. I love shopping with my mom. Its weird i know. I mean why would a 20 year old girl go shopping with her mom right? Honestly, shopping with my mom is great! She knows my taste and she helps me pick clothes. I love her.

We headed to O’MA SPOON again. I love their bingsu. I tried the premium Mango bingsu the other time, so this time i tried the premium edition of Chocolate Brownie Bingu. Omg! I still get excited over talking about it. It was so freaking cool! It had like chocolate ice-cream (DUH!), Brownies (OFC, DUH!!), yummy sliced bananas around, AND OREOOOOOOS!

I think that’s enough of obsessing over a bingsu. Till the next post, PEACE & LOVE. XO.




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