I just want to categorize all my food collection since im a picky eater. Yeah, that explain the food adventure thou its really not an adventure.

Bingsu again! I tried these Bingsu in school. I’m pretty shocked that the Bingsu in my campus is actually so affordable. Oh also they are so generous with the toppings. I went for dessert after eating my lunch only because my lunch break was so freaking long.

I just really really really really need to stop eating bingsu and try something else but like at the same time, i really really really want to eat a bingsu right now. When i love a certain food/candy/dessert/drink, i get so obsessed with it that i have to have it frequently.

Ok, I’m so freaking tired after school. I have to finish up with my school work and start studying for my upcoming tests. That proposal which i have yet to start, needs to be done ASAP too. So till the next post, PEACE AND LOVE, ALWAYS XO.



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