I was actually about to post another food adventure post but i had enough of this and this. So much of bingsu is actually making me tempt to go and eat another one. Actually, i went to United Square today and they had bingsu which is not the O’Ma Spoon but its the Nunsaram Korean Dessert. I have tried the bingsu there before with my friends when it was such a huge trend. We waited in queue for about 30 mins to get a seat and wait for more than an hr to get the bingsu to our table. I haaaate waiting for food.


This year i am so adventurous. I love it. I get a good satisfaction when i did something so adventurous. I mean adventurous does not really means you go for a 10KM hike or doing something that’s so sick right?

I am such a picky eater. I always dont make the effort to try new food. I back away myself. BUT! This year, i have tried so many different foods that i always denied to eat. All of them are my favourites now. So now, I’m hooked into all these flavours of food that i get this weird craving to eat them ASAP.

Being adventurous is also doing things i never did before! Like trying new recipes. I only modify recipes from the online sites and adjust to my taste or preference. There is no way i am re-creating a new recipe myself. So this year, i did it. Diwali, i bake so so so much of cookies because visitors come over, my parents take them over to their offices to share, friends takeaway some after visiting, and also for us to eat away! All the recipe came out so well that i was so impressed of myself. (YAY!)

I am pretty sure i had more to write about but i had a afternoon class today which i didnt wanted to go for. I wanted to skip today’s class but oh well, i didnt. My eyes are shutting down by itself so i guess its time for me to sleep! I HAVE SOMETHING SO HAPPY TO SHARE ABOUT BUT THAT WILL BE UP IN TMR’S POST! So till the next post, PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS. xo!



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