STOP, AND BREATHE. | #Personal

Life is a rough pathway with ups and downs that might make you stop. When you stop, you give up. But life is too beautiful to stop. You have to keep going. Remember when Dory from Finding Nemo sent out a famous and inspiring message out: KEEP SWIMMING.

One thing i learnt was to stop for a moment and take a deep breath.

Often, i feel like the world is moving too fast. I cant catch up and i just feel like lying in bed and not even move my fingers.

So days like that i get really moody on day 1. By day 2, i do things that makes me happy. Like walking to the macdonalds to order, “Hi, i would like to have a mocca frappe!” By now, i look like a 5 year old kid who is so excited to have a candy. By day 3, I’m normal and back to catching up with my life.

One thing that my dad always tell me is when I’m sad is:

Latha, dont waste your time being sad about it when you can change your mind and be happy doing something else! Whatever it is, we just have to move on. Thinking too much about it only makes you more upset. You dont want to be sad and make people around you sad.

I love my dad. He is so inspiring in many ways. He is the person who knows im upset and put an instant smile on my face. I love you daddy.

It’s Sunday which means tomorrow is MONDAYYYYYY. Oh no;( anyways till the next post, PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS XO.


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