Sipping on my cold green tea while i write this super happy post. I was longing to write this here; where i document everything and anything here. So here it goes.

I booked my flights to Australia. Ok to be specific, Brisbane but I’m heading to Gold Coast for the whole trip.

A little flashback here. I have always wanted to travel out of Asia. I love Asian countries and not like its boring. I feel like Asia has more cultures to offer to you and etc. But western countries is something i always looked forward to. My parents didnt get to travel when they were married or even before they got married. They were busy building a home. No i don’t mean a house but a home. A family where they wanted to give everything to their kids. So they slowly took us trips out of singapore. It started of with cruise, Genting Highlands (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Genting Highlands (again lol), India (city & road trip), Bangkok (yes, again) & HongKong (China). While my parents took us to countries, i was hoping that someday they would take us over to Western Countries. Let me tell you, dreams do come true….

My parents were like, “hey y’all would be graduating next year, so how about Australia?”. That made me so happy that till now, i can’t believe it. I was looking for travel packages hoping that it would be way cheaper and contacting travel agencies. However, they were all expensive in terms of airlines + land packages. I decided to check on Singapore Airlines  website to check on the prices every day. Yes, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I just booked my flight tickets for the month of March, 2017! I’m looking up for hotels in Gold Coast and the things we can do beside all the themeparks there. I’ve always wanted to go for Skydiving but my dad and sis are against it while my mom is like “JUST GO FOR IT!” It costs a bomb but definitely i got to do it since I’ve always wanted to do it. If there are any recommendations, that would be great as well! Till the next post, PEACE AND LOVE ALWAYS xo!


Dreams do come true | A post by Latz

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