No i don’t mean change your clothes.

I don’t understand when people come up to me to ask WHY you changed. Is that something so wrong? Is that something I’m not allowed to do? Is that bothering you so much? Please give me 1 good reason why I’m not allowed to change.

Sometimes i get this exact sentence from people, “Latha, you have changed!”. Excuse me? Can you please further elaborate what you just said? Is it for the better or worse? Cause when you say this, i get paranoid and keep looking at myself at mirror for 302913821973 times a day. As much as i want to take it in a positive way or ignore what you just have said, it bothers me. I don’t tell people you have changed for the worse. I tell them that wow you have changed to someone better. They feel proud. But when people just stop after stating the “you have changed”, i literally want to flip a table.

Technically, you are allowed to change. Why? Its your life. You choose what you want. You had a bad life, you change to a better life. You were mean, you change to someone nice. You were selfish but now you are helpful. You can choose to change.

But changing to someone bad….i dont know. I mean why w0uld you choose the bad over the good right. Whatever it is, you are allowed to change. THIS is YOUR life and YOU CHOOSE what you WANT. So when someone asked you why you change for the worse or why that crappy hairstyle, well all you have to say is, ITS MY LIFE.


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