I’m writing this while I’m on my way back home in a train……..

Boarded the train and took a seat where most of the people avoided seating at. It didn’t occur to me why and what’s wrong and I ignored the whole situation.

While I was on my phone, I could sense a bad smell but I still ignored it. I continued doing my stuff till I realise people were looking at the person who sat beside me.

Ok now, I turn and look at the man beside me using his phone. He looks like he was wearing a cleaner uniform shirt,  just a normal jeans shorts and slippers.

I don’t understand why we have to label people and outcast them. I don’t understand why people have to stay away from people because they look bad, smell bad, or behave weirdly and etc. Why can’t we look at them just like another human without all this weird glares? Humans are complicated. It’s saddening that even in this era there are such weird people.

Anyways, i finally had the time to post this!  Actually i have tons of drafts to be posted so i’m abit excited about it. Rounding off 2016 with some amazing “From the heart” posts for the next few days! For now, a very happy merry Christmas to y’all!

Anyways, till the next post, peace out. Much love, latz x.


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