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Oh my love for museums will never end. Never. What i love about it? I don’t know honestly. It’s just pretty interesting to know about “stuffs” and look at amazing artifacts or paintings. Sometimes, i just don’t want to leave.

So recently, my friend, visited the National Museum of Singapore which was so freaking pretty. So i decided to go with my friends, Shan & Anthea. Oh, they had some event on the day we went, so they had like face painting & balloon sculpting booths. Aint no one going to stop a 20 y/o to enjoy her childhood right?

They had the movies under the stars. No, wait. Its a movie about singapore in the olden days. The seats were like some 60’s cars/van? So pretty that i didn’t wanted to leave that place. Movies under the stars are just something so mesmerizing. I wanted to stay longer but my friends decided to see other stuffs. They had some “express yourself” drawing. I believe its for the kids because they had kids table and chairs assemble at that area. But either way, we tried and mine is the worst among the 3. I can’t draw for real! i suck at it. The best i can do is draw a sun at the corner of the paper. Shan was drawing so well that we tried to stop her but damn that was too good!

Oh we had a breakfast earlier in the day at Daily Press Cafe! Two of us had the  french toast and the other one of us had the sandwich. It was weird that the french toast had a scoop of ice cream on the top. It was a little sad that they don’t have everything that’s stated in the menu. So we had to keep making choices. Either way, the cafe plays real good music! It was some old school music, i guess. I love their music selection. After which we headed to National Museum of Singapore. We had pretty dope time there. We headed to town to shop and felt hungry! We initially wanted to have 4 fingers but the menu was boring to me. We head to Fish Tales at Scape. I tried their food earlier this year during May. Went back and i felt like their portion became smaller. Either way, the food is really good to go back again!

I guess that’s all i have for this post! I have to get back with my report and I’m only left with a week before submission. Peace out. Much love, Latz x


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