2016 was another great, great, great year! It has brought me so much happiness thou sometimes i still break down or get really depressed. BUT, 2016 brought me more happiness than ever in my life(MAYBE).

Disneyland. Hongkong sure was such an amazing holiday trip for me but Disneyland was even more amazing. The little kiddy rides that i ride on made me felt like a 5 y/o, eating the yummy caramel popcorn, seeing the disney parade where all my favourite characters were there and especially the rain with the coldest air blowing in my face.

DISNEYLAND IS SO PRETTY! 💕🙈 | #explorewithlatz

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Museums. I found out that i love going to museums and spending a whole lot of time there. Taking pictures with friends was also my favourite part of it. The amount of times i went to the museums this year was crazy!


Indian Outfits. My new traditional costumes that my parents flew to India to get it. Ok, plus the 10KG worth of sweets as well. I mean singapore do sell traditional costumes but it isn’t as pretty as the ones in India. I loved all my outfits and i still have more which i have yet to wear. 2017 come quick, please?


Favourite Dessert. My new found love for Bingsu, (korean dessert). This is weird but i had so many of those that all my friends thought i was crazy. It tastes so good that it makes me happy so why not right?


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Being adventurous in terms of foooood. I have been always a picky eater, but i have changed. Maybe a little? I still am a picky eater but i have been eating food that i have always been running away from. Surprisingly, when i tried those food, i immediately fell in love with it. During intern, all my colleagues, supervisor, my boss (my whole team), “forced” me to try different kinds of food. So that happened.


THAT’S MY TOP 5 MOMENTS OF 2016! Peace out!


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