2016 was just another amazing year! There’s so much I’ve learnt from this year and I’ve grown more as a person. Any-O-ways, here is the list of what I learnt in 2016!

Its perfectly fine if you have a smaller circle of friends. I was a little sad when i can feel that i was losing in touch with my friends. But its ok. I know its ok that when you grow older, you have smaller circle of friends who are true to you. That’s all that matters.

To stop dwelling on bad situations and just move on. I swear to god that I always tend to ruin my whole day because something bad happened or someone ruined my mood. My whole day would just be so miserable and I’ll be frowning all the way or just break down. I have learnt to move on and just be happy.

Plan something but proceed on. I always get excited when i plan something but i always push it off for another day. That another day would never come. I’ve learnt that if there’s anything i want to do/go/see/eat, i would go ahead with it regardless of what. Life is short, live it now.

Time is wayyyyyyy more important than money. You can earn anytime but you can definitely not buy any time. So making up time for my loved ones are my no 1 priority.

Saving money is more important than spending money. I heard of my classmate who told me that we are in the age of spending money but i strongly believe its the age to save money! Also i live by the rule that its perfectly ok to spend lavishly on your loved ones.

Your parents love you more than anyone in the world! (I might have said this a million time, but this is so so soooooo true!)

Cry your lungs out like a baby. I always hold onto so much of things that i get so upset and emotional for days or weeks. I decided to cry out like a baby if something makes me sad in the moment. I feel so much better after crying. But that does not mean i cry for silly things.

Take care of my GOD DAMN face. Acne made me so upset for months and it was just horrible. I’m so glad i found a solution to it though i have to stop eating my favourite foods or drinks. I really miss eating or drinking those, but skin is way more important. Once in awhile with moderate amounts of food or drinks are perfectly ok.

Dont want to do? DON’T DO IT. I don’t want to feel forced or pressured to do something that i have no interest to it. I’m so glad that most of the times i make the best decisions.

The list could go on. But shall put an end to this for now. Peace out till the next post! Much love, Latz.


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