Birthday dedicated post to my sister!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIYA! You’re finally 24 y/o. You’re finally a year older and a year wiser! (A year wiser is something i have to re-think about)


Here are some of my special moments with you!

  • when i was sobbing so hard when mom yell at me on the day after diwali, but you told me to stop crying. You ONLY told me to stop crying because i was ruining my makeup.
  • when i was barely a toddler and got excited to climb up the bunk bed but you decided to push me off from the top bed to the floor. You EVEN told our parents that it wasn’t your fault and i fell on my own.
  • when i had snacks in my hand, but i was a quiet little girl back then so you took advantage and snatch all my snacks away.
  • when my formal shoes broke after school and you brought me all the way to the nearest shopping mall to get me a new shoes
  • when we start school the same time on certain days and you always get me Starbucks coffee or breakfast and all the expense was on you.
  • when i was a broke child, still am, still forever will be – and you always buy me things i wanted. But i refused most of the times ok.



Here are some short messages i want to say to you, write to you with all my heart and soul!

  • you would forever be the most annoying and frustrating sister to me ever
  • you would forever be NOT the least important to me
  • I’m waiting to see you get married – LOL
  • You’ve been always, wait no, sometimes have been nice to me and i really appreciate that.
  • Keep going, never stop.




Here are also some advices to you since you really need them:

  • grow the hell up
  • be nice to everyone especially your fam
  • your fam should be your priority
  • stop showing your upset face all the time
  • never ever compare yourself to anyone



You’ve always wanted a dedicated post on your birthday but little did you know i already have drafted it and worked on it for days. Sorry for pranking you real hard for your birthday. I hope you loved my prezzies for you. I always get the best for the best ones in my life. Love you sis!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN. Have a very blessed birthday and i wish that 2017 would be a greater year with lots of love, joy, and happiness for you!



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