Think Simple, Live Now | FROM THE HEART

Words don’t come easy. What comes easy is probably a bunch of thoughts with no proper grammar, and no proper flow but a paragraph about everything you need to say it out loud so it gets off your chest.

It’s the little, simple things in life that makes life even more beautiful and it’s just unbelievable.

Sometimes thinking about future freaks me out. It stresses me so much that i just dont want to think about it for now. At least not think about it till it has to be done or taken into action. Because when you are stressed, you are worrying about your life and forgetting that a small yet amazing moment slipped by. My sister recently brought up future talks one morning. She told me about her plans but when she asked me, i had little plans compared. She then told me that, “you’re someone who doesn’t worry about tomorrow”.

Truth is, i do. I worry. I worry a lot. I worry so much that sometimes it confuses me. Worry might not be a right word. Stressed might be the right word. I don’t understand why you have to be stressed about your future plans. If it stresses you so much, why plan it out right away? You can still plan it out slowly in a later right. You only can plan out your future on what you want when you feel motivated, inspired, and most importantly when you have the mindset. What’s the point of planning so much when you’re rushing and stressed up? You’re mapping your life right now in case of sudden death. Well, that’s what it looks like for me.

Next step in life is actually really important. Important for you to know what you want. Important for you to work towards it. Its crucial to have it planned way earlier. Next step in life should also be not rushed. Slowly but surely you would be able to get there. To able to have your future ahead of you. Even if it takes a day, a week, a month, a year, or even a few years, it’s ok. It’s important to know what you want and need. No point when someone forces you and leads you a way that you don’t wish to live that way. Sometimes it’s ok to take up that tiny chances as well, maybe you find your future that way too.


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