I initially thought of wrapping up my school days in Poly with all the random pictures. Then a thought strike to me so i guess i would wrap it all in another post.

It just felt like i started my poly life not too long ago. 3 years felt like 3 months to me. When i walked into school for the first day, i was having millions of thoughts. Thoughts like, “When will 3 years be over”, “How am i going to make friends”, “How am i going to cope up with my new school life”, and etc.

Back in my secondary school days, I was not good in making friends. I had single digit friends. I clearly remember them; Chan Huiwen, Genevieve, Habibah, Dumitra. Secondary school days were horrible for me.

Too many dramas, too many students getting into trouble for lame shits, too many teachers who look down at their own students and etc. I wont lie on this, but honestly i was a total nerd at school. I would go to school with clear white shoes, long skirt, and always making sure to braid my hair. Once the school bell rings to call it a day, the next moment I’m walking back home.

I was a little playful in my first 2 years. Playing all day when i get home and pretended to be studying in front of my parents. Grades were bad. I dont know what gotten to me but quickly after 2 years, i decided to be studious. This could be because of a great teacher who left an impact in my life. Studied well for the next 3 years of my life to get to where i am right now.

Back to my first day of class, i instantly made friends. This is weird for someone who clearly had any friends except one Best friend. I am so so so proud that these friends that i made in my semester 1 of school, are still my friends after 3 years of my life. This is absolutely crazy for me to believe. These friends who constantly loved me for who i am, looked out for me when I’m in my worse days and most importantly tolerating my craziness.

I certainly opened up alot after being in poly. I was a changed person. Not totally and not for the worse. I liked the way i was, the way i was living, the way i enjoyed everything. Certainly some facilitators/lecturers hated me for all the noise i could bring, while some adored and loved me with so much of motivation to keep me going.

There were also things i learnt in my 3 years of my poly life. Too many to list it right now. If i were to do that, i have to create a whole new post for that.

I am so grateful for all the memories i made for the past years.

I just still can’t believe that this poly life is OVER. DONE. COMPLETED.




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