I woke up everyday thinking i need to fix my blog. When i meant ‘fix my blog’, i meant change the whole theme, add some sparkles, glitters, make it something so personalized, so different.

BANG. I finally did it. Took me days to figure out this theme and edit everything to go my way. I changed my whole about me page, which i feel like i should add more to it. Also the theme is in white and i have a dope logo to my blog. How cool is that? I certainly did not think of it till i was somewhere editing my blog and i went “i need a logo to say this is MY blog’.

I have sadly two exams to be over in the following week of monday and tuesday. Which right after that comes to a conclusion that I finished my Poly life. I am so happy. Graduation is in May but before that is obviously the results during March/April which determines everything.

Ok, i would blog something more interesting today but i wanted to blog saying i cleaned and freshened my blog finally and gave it a glow. Peace out for now.

Till the very next post,

Drink latte, Laugh & Sparkle!





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